Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Portrait mode?

I've been wondering wether Frozen Bubble should be played in portrait mode or not... As background info for anyone not familiar with FB or Maemo/Nokia 770, here are the screen/window sizes:
  • Frozen Bubble: 640*480 (1player game uses 320*480)
  • Nokia 770: 800*480 (when Hildon UI normal view is visible, the application space is 672*396)
That's a pretty good match (in full-screen landscape mode), but the tight fit height-wise means that FB could be played only in full-screen mode, and the sides would be quite empty. On the other hand, the graphics would need very little work...

As the actual single player game screen width in FB is only half of the whole window width, it would fit quite comfortably on the screen in portrait mode. Here is a mockup:

(the gray area on the sides is "skin graphic area")

This doesn't look all that bad. Menu and Hi score screens would have to be remade for this screen setup though.


At 22:42, Anonymous handful said...

Hi !

I think you should use the portrait mode =) we used on our tetris-like game ( maemo blocks ) because using landscape would keep the game too small. =)

You can use some space at the bottom for a nice GUI for pen-based gaming. The 4-way pad is too hard.


Marcelo Oliveira

At 23:51, Blogger Roger said...

Whether you do a portrait mode (I like the idea) or stick with landscape mode, I hope you will reproportion things to fit the internet tablet screen dimensions exactly.

At 20:58, Blogger Damian said...

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At 20:59, Blogger Damian said...

This game is cool and you can also play it online Frozen Bubble


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